The past few years have been a period of rising prosperity for our country , but along with that we have seen a rise in communicable and lifestyle diseases. Today, majority of the population is suffering from one health problem or the other, with age being no bar.


So where do We come in the picture?

We are a team of practitioners working in the direction of improving the holistic health of people. Our vision is to integrate the practice of YOGA with natural complementary/occupational health therapies(such as Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Therapy, Reflexology, Neurotherapy) to optimize the health and wellbeing.


Social Welfare:-

Our instructors are  actively involved in doing their bit for the society. They organize free classes for the ageing segment of the society. This not only ensures that our elderly are benefited by yogic knowledge but it also helps foster social bonding and happiness.
We conduct special trips to remote places to pass on our knowledge to socially backward group. Individuals undertaking our Yoga Teachers Training Courses will be given this option to travel with us to distant, rural areas and teach yoga to children. A wonderful way of sharing your knowledge indeed!

        ♣ People suffering from various ailments who want to follow Yoga and alternative practices to attain better health.

        ♣ Healthy people with a sedentary lifestyle.

        ♣ Youngsters who want to release the stress of competitions/studies/career and want to avoid upcoming ailments.

        ♣ Middle-aged people who want to release office/business stress and avoid future ailments.

        ♣ Senior citizens who want to utilize their time towards improving the quality of their life by being healthy and active.

     ♣ People with Psychosomatic Disorders.

     ♣ Diabetes

     ♣ Obesity

     ♣ High/Low BP

     ♣ Thyroid

     ♣ Parkinson

     ♣ Renal Disorders

     ♣ Cervical Spondylitis

     ♣ Slip Disc

     ♣ Sciatica

     ♣ Arthritis

     ♣ Back Pain

     ♣ Asthma

     ♣ Amnesia

     ♣ Weak Vision


Help in dealing with neuro-rehabilitation issues –

     ♣ Chain Smoking

     ♣ Depression

     ♣ Stress/Anxiety

     ♣ Memory Loss


Motivation to people with good health conditions:-

     ♣ To stay in Peace

     ♣ To stay Healthy and Mindful

     ♣ To be Lively Always


How We Overcome Health Issues?

     ♣   Our team comprises experienced professionals in their respective fields who offers their expertise to the programme members to help them achieve their health goals. From time to time, our experts undergo continual enhancement of their skills for therapeutic effectiveness.

     ♣   Our Yoga experts ensure regular quality yoga sessions and healthy therapies for our members.

     ♣    As per individual requirement, members are provided guidance about the diet they need to take to avail maximum benefit from their respective therapies.

     ♣   Members are given access to an application where they are free to give feedbacks/opinions to our therapists and rate their performances weekly.